About The One Breakfast CLub

The Commencement

"I few years back I was delivering meals with Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA), a nonprofit based in Memphis, TN. As we delivered meals to different homes, I noticed all of the children with no books, and then it hit me; they had no access to books. Libraries were too far, and they would have no way to get to one; even if they did get a library book, they would just have to give it back and would not be allowed to keep the book. These children have very few possessions and I decided that there needed to be a change. My goal is for these children to receive meals from MIFA along with books of their own too. The One Breakfast Club's purpose is to use the books that people no longer need, and give them to children who do need them. Through these book exchanges, we plan to create an environment that will aid the growth of literary skills to those in our community."

- Henry Christopher
Executive Director, Founder

Meet the Board

  • Henry Lee Christopher
    Founder & Executive Director
  • Emma Sophia Christopher
    Director of Fundraising
  • Shynia Alizé Smith
    Board Treasurer 
  • William Metcalf Proctor III
    Director of Distribution

  • Gabriella Susann Genereaux
    Junior Executive Director
  • Sarah Grace Waddell
    Director of Advertisement


 Click Here for complete set of Corporation Bylaws (Updated 2017).