2018 Spring Book Drive
Planting A Seed at Perea Elementary School
Planting A Seed
On March 7th, 2018, members of The One Breakfast Club delivered over 4,000 elementary level books to Perea Elementary. These books are being used to help form this new charter school's library.  Learn more about Perea Elementary School and their mission at  www.pereaelementary.com
"Perea Elementary School will prepare all students academically, socially, and emotionally for success by creating and maintaining a classroom and school environment that is student-centered, with high academic expectations and where all students feel welcomed, appreciated, and valued."
Ms. Kyera Suggs explained to The One Breakfast Club of the requirements for the students who plan to attend the school, which will be opening in the fall of 2018. Some of these expectations include extensive guardian involvement, along with the student's commitment to learning. 

By donating these books to Perea Elementary, we are able give these children a library full of books and the opportunity to be successful in their literacy skills.  
2017 Spring Book Drive
In the Spring of 2017, we hosted our first book drive, collecting over eight thousand books! We partnered with St. George's Elementary Campuses to collect the books and organized them to be delivered to Binghampton Christian Academy on September 25th, 2017. 
Books for Binghampton Christian Academy
8,000 books were delivered to the children at Binghampton Christian Academy along with Ben & Jerry's ice cream.